Friday, February 1, 2013

Coffee Seminar in Long Beach

What I brought back from Origins was more then just pictures, it was an experience that I am honored to share with everyone. It is my commitment to keep the passion that I felt at the end of day three and try to use it everyday to the best of my ability. Yesterday I was part of an amazing coffee seminar that gave back to the community of Long Beach. This town had severe detestation due to Hurricane Sandy and one of our stores was celebrating its grand re-opening! Partners from all over Long Island and NYC all came together as one to show the pride and passion we have for each other and our communities. Being there I felt the same commitment to the bean that I felt on the farms in Costa Rica. Customers were thrilled to be a part of the seminar and excited that their coffee journey was still going strong! We showcased a roasting table, went through the Roast Spectrum, shared details of our C.A.F.E. Practices, a Recycling table, and the benefits of Starbucks Active. I left Long Beach last night proud to be a partner!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day Three: Stop Two

Herbazu Estate ( Hermandos Barrantes Zuniga)
Town: Lourdes De Cirri,
El Rosario, Naranjo, Alaljuela
Farm Type: Estate
Altitdue: 1450 meters above sea level
Varietals: Villa Sarchi, Catura
Production: 45 bags of 100 lbs per hectare

Teamwork! Was relevant to this stop. All partners had to choose a picking buddy to start a healthy competition in picking cherries off of the trees. This really brought this trip full circle to what actually takes place everyday in the lives for our coffee farmers. A picker picks cherries for approximately 8 hours a day during the harvesting season and uses baskets that tie around their waist to be able to hold their pickings and use both hands. For pickers to get paid it is measured by CAJUELA (28.6 lbs of cherries) and then moved to the mill. This is where it is measured In QUINTALES (100 lbs of cherries). Then the processing method begins! Teamwork, dedication, beauty, urgency, and unity all play a huge role in making each aspect of this system work to the highest degree. We use those words everyday in our daily life but how can you interpret what you do to heighten your senses around the care of coffee.

Day Three: Stop One CICAFE

Owner: CICAFE (Costa Rican Coffee Institute)
Town: Barva, Heredia
Farm type: Research Branch of CICAFE
Altitude: 1100 meters above sea level
Varietals: Canturra & Catuai

CICAFE has had 60 years of research, development, and transference of knowledge dedicated to their unique sustainable model: Fairness, 8 Coffee Regions, Economy Dimension, Social Dimension, and Environmental Dimension. For more go to

Through the lens of passion, quality and structure our coffee is born. We did a side by side cupping of Starbucks core coffee and the lowest grade coffee that was from one of the farms in Costa Rica. With out the expertise, commitment, respect, passion, and evolution of the coffee industry and our brand there would no balance in this industry. By looking at the pictures what do you see any differences? Can you pick out which one is Starbucks?

Day Two: Escuela San Lorenzo de Tarrazu

Community plays a role in all that we do each and everyday. We all in origins took part in celebrating and supporting the farmers and their families of the Coope Tarrazu for all that THEY do each and everyday. Classrooms were painted, a gym floor painted, bleachers painted, and ceiling tiles painted to show our appreciation for all that they do for the FIRST 10 FEET!